48. Shifting Priorities


In the last blog post, I wrote about how all my priorities shifted at the beginning of the year 2018 after my stepfather died on 29 Dec. 2017.  All the things that had seemed so important faded into insignificance and dealing with the aftermath of death took precedence.

My stepfather

Before I published the last blog post, (No. 47 Perfect Communication and a Perfect Storm) I was reading through it and editing. This was on Friday morning last week before taking my mum to the gym for her post knee-op rehabilitation session with her private trainer.

The phone rang suddenly.  It was my mum’s trainer.  In great distress she told me that a man had had a heart attack on one of the machines at the gym and she had called the ambulance.  She warned us not to come if we did not want to see a man who might not make it.  I was not concerned.  I asked the trainer if the man was her client and if she needed to be with him.  She said “No.”  So I said we would still come and she was fine with that.  I figured that the man would have probably been taken to hospital by the time we got there.  I did not realise how serious the incident was.

When we arrived at the gym, the trainer was in even more distress.  The ambulance had arrived and the paramedics were doing their best but it did not look good.

I walked downstairs to the loos so that I could have a quiet chat with the man who seemed to be on the edge of life and death.  I asked him if he wanted to stay or go.  I sensed he wanted to stay.  So I told him he had to fight to bring himself back because I could feel he was more out of his body than in.  I prayed for him.  Back upstairs, I sat down to comfort one of the female gym members who was crying uncontrollably.  As I sat rubbing her back, I had a direct view of the man on the floor even though the gym manager had tried to shield both him and the paramedics from onlookers.  His chest rose and fell violently, like a lifeless balloon that was being blown up and then instantly deflated.  The paramedics were doing their best to keep him alive but I could sense it was to no avail.  The woman who had been crying turned to face me, her eyes reddened and her face ashen, and told me she had to leave to go to a funeral that afternoon.

As the man lay on the floor, a few metres away from me, I could only see the top of his head   As I looked at him, there was a moment when I saw his energy shift and his skin went grey.  I knew it was over, his spirit had left.  I silently told the paramedics that they could stop trying to jump-start his heart: it was too late. Of course, they knew and they stopped in that instant.

The trainer was distraught and in no position to train anyone.  I tried to get coffee for her but the manager had closed the cafe in the gym – it was too close to where the paramedics were working and now covering up the body in silver foil so that it could eventually be discreetly removed.

Cafe area of the gym

Mum and I then offered to take the trainer to the hotel cafe on the 13th floor.  She had cancelled her next client and was relieved to get out of the gym with us.  Once seated, we listened to her and fed her hot tea with honey to help her deal with the shock.  She knew the dead man from her Schul as well as from the gym and she was berating herself for not doing more to save him.  Actually she was the one who had had the presence of mind to call the ambulance and run down to the street to show the ambulance driver the best way to enter the building in order not to lose precious time.

We finished our drinks and I offered to go back to the gym to validate our parking tickets but the trainer said that we should just follow her to the exit and she would explain to the parking guards what had happened and they would then let us out.

“Where are you parked?”  she asked

“4th floor,”  we answered

“Oh me too!  Lets go down together and I will show you where my car is.”

We got out of the lift on the 4th floor and both of us automatically turned left towards our cars.  That was already weird because most of the parking space is on the right side of the lifts.  The trainer asked us where we were parked .

“Right here,” we said.

‘Me too,” she said.  Miraculously, in among the 400 plus parking spaces in the multi-storey car park, we were parked right behind her new car which we had, of course, not recognised.  Therefore, we were perfectly ready to follow her out.

Parking miracle

As we drove away, much later than if my mum had had a regular hour of training, I realised that once again the Law of Attraction had been in operation upon my thoughts.  I had been thinking about how priorities change when someone dies and immediately manifested a man dying at the gym and priorities shifting to taking care of the trainer rather than mum’s rehabilitation exercises.

Where is your attention focused?  And what are you consciously or unconsciously expanding in your experience?  Leave a comment below.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter





47. Perfect Communication and a Perfect Storm


I recently received an interview request from a radio station in the USA.  The hosts wanted to interview me about my favorite topic: God & Sex.   They contacted me in December last year and we scheduled our Skype call for January 28, 2018.  I warned the hosts that our internet connection could be wacky in Johannesburg because of the huge thunderstorms during our S. African summer. Sometimes the lightning is so fierce that we have to switch off all our computer equipment so that it does not get destroyed by a bolt from the blue.  The hosts and I affirmed “perfect communication with the support of technology” trusting that we would be able to both hear and see each other on Skype video during the interview.

Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men (and metaphysical ministers)……

You see, the cheese moved on 29 December 2017 when my step-father died.  All my priorities shifted. Dealing with the aftermath of his death, supporting my bereaved mother who had lost the love of her life, and preparing my step-father’s memorial took precedence for the next two weeks.  Once the memorial was over,  I could shift my focus to all the other projects that had been mounting up but it all became very overwhelming and I knew I was not in the right space to give my best at the interview.  I was committed to going ahead on our scheduled date but I asked the hosts if we could possibly postpone.  The hosts were very understanding: “Family comes first,” they said.  We rescheduled for Sunday, 4 March.

I know that there are no delays in the Spirit and that 4 March was going to be a much better date for the interview.  But wait!!  I was going to be out of town on that day!  My mother and I had booked to stay at my step-father’s favorite hotel on the South Coast so that we could scatter his ashes in the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean near Hibberdene on the South Coast of South Africa

The lounge of the hotel was the only area where there was an internet connection.  It was not a strong or secure connection plus the lounge could be a noisy public place.   Definitely not the right location for the interview.  Now what?

Lounge at Pumula Beach Resort – Photo by Lynette Spaan

I called the hotel and asked if I could use a private office on the Sunday evening of my interview.  That was not going to be possible but the Event Manager would check the schedule for the conference rooms to see if any were available at 7pm.  A few minutes later she got back to me and offered me the best conference room on site with a high speed internet connection! It was set apart from the main hotel area and I could lock myself in so that no-one would disturb me.  There would be no charge to use the room. “Would that be OK for you?” she asked.  More than OK, it would be brilliant!  And more than OK and brilliant, it was going to be the perfect manifestation of the affirmation I had made with the radio show hosts when we began planning in December last year: “Perfect communication with the support of technology.”

Pumula Beach Hotel conference room

The interview went ahead on 4 March as planned and all was well.  I will share more about it next time.

You would think that that would be miracle enough for one blog post but the same miracle happened in reverse when it was time to submit this post.  Let me tell you how that happened.

I publish my blogs every week on a Thursday and yesterday afternoon, I was busy editing this post and getting ready to publish it on Thursday night.  As I did my editing, my attention was naturally focused on the storms in Johannesburg and how they affect the internet connection.  I stopped my work because I had to go out for a meeting. My plan was to complete and publish the post when I got back home.  As I left the meeting, a thunderstorm of biblical proportions started.  Sheets of rain came hurtling down.  We could hardly see through the car windscreen and had to take a long route home so that we could avoid the roads that would be flooded from the river.  Lightning cracked across the sky.   The storm raged throughout the night.  Switching on the wifi at home to send the blog post would have been insane.  I would have to wait till Friday morning when the storm had abated.

So here we are on Friday with a late blog post but containing two clear demonstrations of “Where attention goes, energy flows.”  It matters not whether that attention flows to the positive (perfect communication with the support of technology) or the negative (storms interfering with the internet connection).   Either way, we will experience the manifestation of our thoughts.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings

Rev. Steph

“The miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter


46. Third Encounter with Louise Hay


In the last two blog posts, I told you about my first and second encounter with Louise Hay which occurred by means of her prolific writing.  The third and fourth encounters, which you will read about here, were much more up close and personal.

At the beginning of 1989, I was still living in South Africa and studying Science of Mind, the spiritual teaching which Louise Hay propagates through all her writing.  I had made my decision to go to America and study for the ministry and the Universe was conspiring with me to make that happen.

In September 1989, I started ministerial school at Santa Anita in Arcadia, near Pasadena, in California.  But where would I get a job to pay my school fees?  The answer to prayer showed up when one of my friends at ministerial school, Lori, introduced me to the famous author, Marilyn Ferguson – she wrote The Aquarian Conspiracy which became a best seller in 1980.  Marilyn needed a PA and an office manager for her magazine “The Brain-Mind Bulletin.” Lori knew the job was not right for her but I knew it was the job I had to do!


Marilyn Ferguson

By Harmanx – The personal collection of Marilyn Ferguson (mother of my wife)., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5029158

Here is an excerpt from my book “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades” which tells the rest of the story.

Lori “kindly set up the interview for me and even drove me the two hours out to Lake Arrowhead to meet Marilyn at her mountain retreat.
Our “interview” consisted of a walk through the woods and a chat about everything except the job. Marilyn said to me,
“I have the feeling that I know you. Have we met before?”
“Yes, it was probably in Atlantis,” I answered, matter-of-factly.
Honestly, Reader, I was not trying to be spiritual or facetious but that response seemed to clinch the deal. An applicant’s C.V. had very little to do with Marilyn’s decision-making process when hiring new staff. No, in her typical unorthodox style, Marilyn proceeded to have my astrological chart drawn up and interpreted, and also have a sample of my handwriting analysed by her graphologist friend. Then we went over the results together to confirm my suitability for the position, after which she offered me the job. And so it was that in December, 1989, I became Marilyn Ferguson’s Personal Assistant and the Office Manager of the Brain Mind Bulletin. 

Working for Marilyn catapulted me into a world that I could only dream of in South Africa. Here I was suddenly surrounded by the movers and the shakers in the New Age movement: authors, publishers, artists, psychotherapists, spiritual leaders and visionary business owners. Dr. Louise Hay was one of that illustrious crowd and she wore all those hats. She had been my hero in South Africa. Her best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life, had come out in 1986 and I had gobbled it up. Louise had a way of writing that made the Science of Mind sound human and digestible unlike Ernest Holmes’ very intellectual Science of Mind textbook. She herself was a living witness of the efficacy of the teaching as she had healed herself of cancer by releasing her old beliefs, forgiving people who had hurt her and adopting a new positive attitude to living with the help of prayer and affirmations. Louise had been a Religious Science pulpit minister for a while and then moved on to helping the gay community during the AIDS epidemic and after that started her own publishing company called Hay House.

Louise Hay

On my first day in the office, Marilyn asked me to make a call:
“Just get Louise Hay on the phone. She wants to publish my new book and I have to talk to her about it.”
So I found the number for Hay House, the receptionist put me through and I, yes I, ACTUALLY SPOKE to Louise Hay!

A few years later at a Religious Science convention, I met Louise in person and had the opportunity to tell her how much she had changed my life and inspired me on my path towards becoming a minister.”

There is only One Mind. The Oneness brings people together in consciousness and then orchestrates meetings in the name of Love for the highest good of the Whole.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter

45. Second Encounter with Louise Hay.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, my first encounter with Louise Hay was via an illegal photocopy of her first book “Heal Your Body.”  Something in what I read, albeit ever so briefly, spoke to my soul and I wanted more. This was in London, England, in early 1984.

My mother was in the process of emigrating to South Africa at the same time that I discovered Louise Hay.  In June 1984, I went home to say goodbye to my mum and did not see her for another 18 months. The next time we met was when I landed in Johannesburg in December 1985.

I innocently believed I was in South Africa for a 2-month visit to my mum and a winter holiday in the sun.  The Divine Agenda is often quite different from our human plans though and, very soon after my arrival, I found the Center for Abundant Living in Westdene.  This spiritual centre would later become the 1st Church of United Religious Science in Johannesburg.  The spiritual leader of the Center for Abundant Living was Rev. Gladys Harrison.  She was a Religious Science minister and teaching the Science of Mind spiritual philosophy in her classes and church services.

The fundamental principle of the Science of Mind teaching is “Change your thinking, change your life.” It is understood that all Life is consciousness and in the instant that there is a shift in our habitual thinking or beliefs, there is a corresponding shift in our human experience.

Did I mention that Louise Hay was originally a Religious Science Minister before she left the pulpit and began working with the gay community in California and then developed her own global ministry through her publishing company Hay House?   Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” was based on the exact same Science of Mind principles that Rev. Gladys was teaching.

Heal Your Body

You can read more about my early days in South Africa in my book “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades.”  Suffice to say for now, I knew I had to sign up for Rev. Gladys’ year-long Science of Mind course and so I deliberately missed my return flight to Europe at the end of my 2-month holiday with my mum and I immigrated to S. Africa!

The  Science of Mind course with Rev. Gladys was life-changing.  It was the beginning of the shift in me from “childish victim” to “responsible adult.” I started to understand that I was creating  my world and had no-one was to blame for my experiences or my feelings.  Most inconvenient!

Towards the end of 1986, copies of Louise Hay’s new book “You Can Heal Your Life” arrived at our church bookstore.  This book had a  “Heal Your Body” section at the back with the list of the mental causes for various illnesses and healing affirmations to shift the old beliefs. However, the essence of the book was about healing your whole life – self image, self-esteem, relationships, money, work etc.  Louise told the story in her book of how she was diagnosed with cancer as a young woman and how she had managed to heal herself using these spiritual principles.  As well as being a brilliant communicator of the Science of Mind teaching, she was the living example that the principles worked – if properly applied. Louise Hay made spiritual transformation easily available to everyone.

Rev. Gladys designed a wonderful workshop based on the book and opened it up to all those who felt called to attend. No previous knowledge of Science of Mind was necessary. On the day of the workshop, the venue was packed to overflowing.  There was such a buzz in the air, such a sense of hope and joy.  As the pioneers of a new way of thinking in South Africa, we would  cut the mental-emotional-historical-religious-cultural ties that were binding us in our individual lives and, in its turn, this personal transformation would impact the life of our beloved country.

The human sense of separation from God or Good was showing up in one of its most intense forms in South Africa at that time, namely Apartheid. Nelson Mandela was still incarcerated. Blacks and whites were still divided by a white racist government.  In the midst of that state of separation, I had a vision of a multi-racial ministry where blacks and whites could worship under the same roof.  I saw how this spiritual teaching, the Science of Mind, could heal the wound of Apartheid and bring blacks and whites together as one.  Of course, I badly wanted to use the teaching to fix my own life first and manifest the man, the money and the mansion but, once I had that sorted, I would definitely focus on becoming a minister so that I could lead a multi-racial spiritual community in Apartheid South Africa. This compelling vision of fixing my little life led me to America to study for the ministry.

Read about my third encounter with Louise Hay in the next blog post.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter

44. First encounter with Louise Hay


The first time I encountered Louise Hay, I had just returned to London from Amsterdam.  It was 1984. The motivation for my move back to the UK was a psychotherapy training which I had learned about and which I thought would fix me and give me the wisdom to fix others.  This would make me needed, loved and valued.  For sure.

grad-hat-books-and-certificate-35318028525_4340aabf8e_q.jpg. Freeforcommercialuse.org

Soon after the start of the course, the head trainer put the students into pairs to do a course assignment together.  Fortunately for me, I was paired up with an ageing hippy from Switzerland – the most mature student on the course – who had long white curly hair under a black felt hat with a feather on the side. He wore baggy sweaters, frayed jeans and cowboy boots.    He was cool and funky and unconventional and had a twinkle in his eye and a happiness about him.   Not very Swiss at all, and I should know because I had slave-labored in the restaurants of two different Swiss hotels over the winter skiing season in 1977 and 1978.  That ‘broad’ life experience qualified me to judge…. 🙂

I cannot remember my fellow student’s name any more.  Let’s call him Peter.  He and I arranged to go to Regent’s Park to do our assignment.  It was a warm Spring day and we sat on the grass and got our notes out.

“Stephanie, before we start the assignment, there is something I want to show you.  I have a feeling you will like it.”

“Really Peter?  I did not know you felt that way about me…….” I thought to myself but did not say anything.

He opened his back pack and bought out a wad of ragged photocopies which he handed to me to read.  It was Louise Hay’s seminal first book “Heal Your Body.”  You know, the one referred to affectionately as “The little blue book.”

Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for: Louise L. Hay

The Little Blue Book

Fascinated, I read Louise Hay’s mental causes for physical conditions and her suggested affirmations to counteract those causes. It was brilliant!! I wanted this book for myself.  Peter explained that it was an illegal photocopy which he had received from an American friend.  The book had been published in America but not yet in the UK.  He could not let me have it but he said I should look out for Louise Hay when her books became available on this side of the Atlantic.

Peter tucked the illegal contraband into his back pack and we got started on our assignment.  It was an unforgettable afternoon, filled with Grace somehow.  There was no romantic connection between us but we were wrapped in an aura of love and harmony.  Esther Hicks, one of the authors whom Louise Hay later published at Hay House, would have said that Peter and I were “in the vortex.”

Soon after that afternoon together, Peter left the course.  He realised it was not for him.  I hung in until the time came to submit our assignments and study for exams and pay a bunch of overdue fees.  I had not kept on top of my homework so the most noble and face-saving thing to do was to quit the course.  The trainer had voiced his concerns that the course might not be spiritual enough for me and I used that as my excuse to quit.  Actually I was not mature or disciplined enough for the course.  But when I look back, it is clear that Central Casting had an agenda in bringing me into contact with Peter so that I could be introduced to the work of Louise Hay.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, Louise was a wonderful instrument who popularised the Science of Mind teaching  – a teaching that I would later study and in which I would train to be a minister.

Image result for louise Hay

Louse Hay in an undated photograph.  Credit Hay House.

Interestingly, 1984 was the very year that Hay House was established in the UK but I did not come across Louise Hay again until 1986 when I was in South Africa.  I will tell you all about that in the next blog post.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter



43. Mother Mary – direct connect


In 2008, when I first started working for English in Action Ltd in the Marketing Department, I felt like an outsider in the office.  I was about the same age as the majority of the female staff but the difference was that they were settled in the UK. At age 50, I had just left my church behind in South Africa to start a brand new life of adventure and travel through Europe!  My life was anything but settled and I liked it that way.  I did not have the courage to share with my colleague about my activities outside of work – the books I was writing and the people I was meeting.  Nor did I have much to contribute to their conversations about new recipes or popular TV programmes.  I just kept my head down and got on with my work.

And then Jo’s mum died.

Jo was a committed Catholic and had a strong faith in Jesus and the power of prayer.  Much as I liked her and respected her faith, I did not venture to share my own unconventional spiritual convictions with her.

Jo called the office distraught from her mum’s home where the transition had taken place.  She wanted to talk to her best friend at work and try to get some solace.  I overheard the phone call and I sensed that Jo was not getting the comfort she was seeking.  Not many of us are skilled at these conversations, having had no training in our culture to deal with death – our own or anyone else’s.  Silently, I prayed for Jo, that she would be supported and assisted from Upstairs to move through this very painful rite of passage.

The next Sunday, very early in the morning, I was in a taxi being driven to Gatwick airport for one of my many marketing trips around Austria. I don’t remember  thinking about Jo but, suddenly, I became very aware of the spirit of her mother.  Jo’s mum was telling me that she was fine and she wanted me to reassure Jo that all was well on the Other Side of the Veil.  And then she showed me an image of the Virgin Mary and some red roses.

The Virgin Mary, Creative Commons License, free for commercial use

I had a great sense of peace when I received this message.  Of course, I wanted to pass this blessing on to Jo but how would I do that?  My fear of  being persecuted as a witch, and destroying any modicum of respect I had built up with my colleagues, completely paralysed me.

I decided I would not risk saying anything to Jo.  I tried to put Jo’s mum out of my mind and engaged the taxi driver in conversation.  But Jo’s mum was insistent.  She would not let me go.  Finally, I surrendered and I sent Jo a message on my blackberry regarding what I had seen and sensed in communication with her mother.  I was not sure if I wanted to hear back from her or not.  In any case, there was no reply before I boarded the plane for Vienna.  Once the plane had landed,  I picked up the keys for my rental car and was just walking through the underground parking lot looking for my vehicle when I noticed a message on my blackberry.  It was Jo!!  Her reaction was a thousand times more positive than I had predicted. She was delighted and grateful to get the message from her mum via me.  Phew!

When I got back to the UK office a few days later, Jo gave me the biggest hug and told me excitedly that she had been praying to God for a sign from her mum.  Days after her mum’s transition, God had still not answered. Jo was so worried.  Her mum had been in pain and distress when she left her body and Jo was desperate for reassurance that her mum was OK.  Jo’s husband was distressed to see his wife so distressed and felt so powerless to help.  But then he had a moment of insight: instead of praying to God for a sign from Jo’s mum, why not pray to Jo’s mum directly?  So he did.  And it was a few seconds after he began his prayer, that my message came through on Jo’s phone….


Blessed Virgin Mary by Ernest on Flickr, freeforcommercialuse.org

Furthermore, Jo confirmed that the funeral service had been held in a Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and that she had thrown red roses on the coffin before it went into the grave.

While I was away in Austria, Jo had told all her colleagues in the office about the message from her mum that Stephanie had picked up psychically.  Rather than condemning me, my former colleagues embraced me:  I had been able to help their beloved Jo in a way that none of them could and they were so grateful and relieved to see the burden of worry lifted from Jo’s shoulders.

I wrote two books while I worked at English in Action:  the first edition of my autobiography “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend” and “Down Dirty and Divine: a spiritual ride through London’s underground.”  And each time, Jo was there to help me with proofing and formatting, completely setting aside her own strict Catholic views in order to support me in the communicating of my irreverent spiritual approach and my bad-girl life experience. 🙂

I love how life works and how everything works out when you and I follow the promptings of our heart.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven”   Johann Richter



42. The Flight of Birds and Souls


Just before Christmas, in December 2017, I was sitting with my mother in her veranda and starting to notice the many varieties of African birds that were performing their aeronautics in front of the large glass veranda doors.  Previously I had taken them for granted but, for reasons I don’t understand, I started to really look and be curious.  Out loud, I expressed my wish to have a bird book just like my stepfather’s so that I could identify some of the birds in the garden.

What’s that Bird? by Kenneth Newman

At the time I happened to be sitting in the armchair that my step-father used to sit in when he was still living at home with my mother.  He also used to watch the birds and would point and comment on them.

My step-father, Cedric, in his favorite bird-watching armchair

The disease of Alzheimers had been taking its toll on his brain for a number of years and he was not able to remember any of the bird species even though he might have known them well at one time.  In 2015, all he was able to say was: “Look, there is a bird sitting on the wall!”  Or “There is a bird flying on to the roof!”  He announced these local events with a certain forcefulness and compelled those around him to stop what they were doing and pay attention. My mother and I would look at each other and raise our eyebrows, a little irritated.  We did not appreciate how those birds filled his span of attention. They were the only things that existed in that moment for him and, therefore, unquestionably worthy of comment.

Shortly before his 90th birthday, in October 2015, my stepfather moved into long-term residential care so that he could get the medical attention he needed.

Cedric in residential care

My sister kindly bought him a bird book for his 90th birthday. She hoped, as we all did, that we could salvage what was left of his brain by presenting him with images and words that he was interested in.  From his favorite armchair in his new room, however, he could not see the birds too well: his room was on the ground floor and there were net curtains at the window for privacy.  The bird book stayed on the side table and was only opened when one of his private nurses thought to entertain him by leafing through it with him.  But by then, it was all too abstract.  He could no longer make the connection between the photographs in the book and the live birds in the sky outside.

A few weeks after his 92nd birthday, just before the end of 2017, he was rushed to hospital with pneumonia.  The next day, the sister in charge of his ward, called us to tell us that he was not doing well and that we should come quickly.  We raced over to the hospital but we were too late – his spirit had flown out of his body about 30 minutes before we arrived at his bedside.

After we had kissed his still warm form “Goodbye,” my mother and I took his private nurse back to his old room to gather up her belongings.  As we sat in his room, trying to recover from the shock and take in the fact that we would never see him again, my mother noticed his bird book on the side table.  “Weren’t you just saying last week that you wanted a bird book like Cedric’s so that you could identify the birds in the garden?” she asked as she handed me the book.

“Yes,” I answered. “And I had that very book in mind but I didn’t mean for it to come to me this way!”

“Well, have it.” my mother said.  “Cedric won’t be needing it anymore.”

She was right.  He had flown the coop of his mental prison and had become as free as a bird.  And I had the bird book that I had wanted.  It was a great demonstration of the truth: how my desires manifest for me is none of my business but I can have faith that the Law of Attraction works with mathematical precision.

It just occurs to me now, as I write, that when I led Cedric’s memorial service two weeks after his transition, the song I was inspired to play while people were leaving the chapel, was an old recording by Frank Sinatra: “Come Fly With Me.”  I picked it because Cedric loved travelling and I wanted the guests to leave on a high note.

The altar at Cedric’s memorial service

Well, obviously, Cedric picked that song – not me!

Wing your way heavenward, Cedric.  All blessings on your flight.


Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“Earth’s Miracles are Heaven’s Laws”  Johann Richter