84. Joyful New You!

Rev. Steph

I AM responsible for my Happy New Year!

Recently, there has been an explosion of ‘Happy New Year’ wishes all over Social Media. For the first time ever, I realised that ‘Happy New Year’ does not exist. Of course, it is lovely to wish people a Happy New Year and have others wish me that too but what are we really saying…?

  1. ‘Happy’ is a human emotion, a chemical feeling that is dependent upon circumstances being a certain way which you and I interpret as “good.”  And ‘happy’ is fleeting. ‘Happy’ certainly could not last for a whole 365 days as you will have noticed once you have driven your new car a few times or once you have spent your end-of-year bonus paying off credit card debt or once the romantic fantasy has begun to dwindle into ordinariness or even ‘irritatingness’ with your new lover… 😦
  2. ‘New’ refers to the period of time after the clock strikes midnight.  So the year is only new for a short time once 31st December is over.  At tops, the ‘new’ year lasts till the end of January which takes its name from the Roman god ‘Janus.’ In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings.

Open door, Burg Lockenhaus 20171007_132712

Open gate at medieval castle in Austria, Burg Lockenhaus

Janus is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.  He belongs to the realm of duality, not to the present moment.

Head of Janus in Vatican Museum Rome, photo by Loudon Dodd on Wikipedia

Head of Janus at the Vatican Museum in Rome, photo by Louden Dodd

3.  ‘Year’ does not exist either.  It is a man-made measurement of time. Furthermore, a wish for a Happy New Year is a wish for future time.  And future time does not exist.  All we have is now.

So in my metaphysical way, I prefer to wish you a “Joyful New You!”

  1. ‘Joyful’ is not the same as ‘happy’.  Joy is our birthright. You and I have the capacity to feel inner joy regardless of outer circumstances
  2. ‘New’ refers to our evolution as spiritual beings.  II Corinthians 5:17 expresses it this way:    “Whoever from now on is a follower of Christ, is a new creation; old things have passed away.”  When you and I pay attention to our indwelling Spirit and listen for inner guidance, we reveal more and more of our true nature as divine beings.  It looks like we are made new but, in truth, our real selves are emerging from the dross of the past and habituated thinking
  3. ‘You’ – the real you, the conscious, divine you – has the choice in any new now moment to be joyful.

Living by the #Silk Road makes people happy 71f3bd823d562cd4b4e7b6ea9e48746d

Living by the #SilkRoad makes people happy

So when I say “Joyful New You!”, I am calling forth your eternal nature and reminding you that your essence is Joy and that you have the choice to be in Joy in every moment.  Personally, I find this more empowering than wishing you a Happy New Year because wishing that

  • circumstances work out according to your specifications,
  • in the illusion of uncontrollable future time,
  • to give you the chemical rush identified as ‘happy,’
  • on an ongoing basis for 365 days,

does not have much power in it.  But ultimately you and I are at choice as to whether we look outward or inward and whether we seek happiness or tune into our Joy-filled divine nature.

Joyful New You – opportunities

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I wish you a Joyful New You!

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter



Author: Rev. Stephanie Clarke

I am a speaker, an author and an ordained Interfaith Minister. My latest book is highly controversial and it is entitled: "The Sex Goddess: Debunking the Mythology of God & Sex." I offer life-coaching, Akashic readings, workshops and Sacred Ceremonies. Please visit my website for more info: www.TimelessTransitions.net

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