87. An unbreakable soul bond

Rev. Steph

The only problem with our new kitty, Sweetie Pie, is that he was not technically legal.  There is a rule on the retirement complex where my mother lives that pets are not allowed. However, my mother had heard that various residents had discreetly acquired a cat or dog and that other residents who had moved in with a pet in tow, had illegally taken on new pets after their original pets had died.

When we went to pick Sweetie Pie up from the original owner, we explained the situation and he offered to take the kitten back if there were any problems.  This was a relief, of course, but neither my mother nor I could have guessed how much Sweetie Pie would climb into our hearts on his very first day with us and that we would never want to part with him.


Kitty hanging on to his fave toy – a pink fluffy heart

A few days after Sweetie Pie moved in, my mother fell and broke four ribs, pierced her right lung and had to be hospitalized for five days. When she came home, she had two visits.  One was from a member of the local Care Committee.  The other was from the local nurse.  Both visitors saw the kitten.  The first visitor was angry with my mother for breaking the rules and threatened to report her.  The second visitor, the nurse, definitely saw the kitten on her way out and we knew she would be obliged to mention it to the manager of the complex.

A black cloud came over us that night. We had been busted!  We might have to give Sweetie Pie back.  Unimaginable!


Kitty exhausted after a hard day at play

I considered contacting a few of my prayer warrior friends and asking them to pray for us.  But I stopped myself.  It was going to be a very childish prayer request and I know better than to ask the universe to bend the rules in my favour and make me special.  Instead, I had a serious talk with the kitty.  I sat him down and looked him in the eye and I reminded him that he had come to us via the Law of Attraction.  Clearly, he wanted to be with us and we wanted to be with him.  And since we had been brought together by this divine law and we were on a soul journey together, we could never be separated. I explained that the Law of Attraction was more powerful than the village rules and that he belonged with us and we would find a way to keep him – no matter what it took.  This last bit I said with fierceness and determination and great conviction although I did not have a clue how we could make it happen.


Kitty living in the let-go – relaxing and trusting.

That night I told a good friend in the UK about the situation and asked him to pray for the highest and best outcome for all.


Cat and mouse

In the morning, the nurse came by again to check on my mother.  The cat was right there when she walked into the room.  I saw her face soften.

“Do you like cats?”  I asked

“Oh yes,” she said.

My mother said.  “We were so worried that we might be reported and have to give the cat back.”

“I told the manager yesterday after I saw him here,” said the nurse.  “But please do not worry. I have just come back from yet another training course in which the main point that was stressed was that old people should have pets because animals are good for their mental and emotional well being. It is so tough on old people when their husband or wife dies – a little pet can give them companionship and a reason to stay alive.”

“So we can keep him?” we asked the nurse in disbelief.

“Yes,” she said.  “It will be fine. Just make sure he gets all his shots and that he does not go outside before he has been neutered.”


When I went to send a message to my friend in the UK  to let him know the good news and thank him for his prayers, I found this message waiting on my phone: “They changed the rules so that the people there can have pets.  I just heard the Holy Spirit say that I need to focus on much bigger issues like health and the benefits of pets in nursing homes.”

There is only One Mind and that which has been joined together by the Law of Attraction, let no person break asunder.  Actually, no person could ever break a soul bond even if he or she wanted to.  That kind of connection is beyond human power to change.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter



Author: Rev. Stephanie Clarke

I am a speaker, an author and an ordained Interfaith Minister. My latest book is highly controversial and it is entitled: "The Sex Goddess: Debunking the Mythology of God & Sex." I offer life-coaching, Akashic readings, workshops and Sacred Ceremonies. Please visit my website for more info: www.TimelessTransitions.net

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