89. The Divine Chessboard

Rev. Steph

Late last year, I had the privilege of speed-editing Muzi Cindi’s book, “Jesus for a Digital Age” in time for the launch on 15 December 2018.

JFDA front Cover on Amazon 41R9FjdSzwL._AC_US218_


JFDA Steph and Muzi facilitating Forgiveness process IMG-20181219-WA0004Sadly, neither of my two editing assistants, Nancy Koenig, who was then based on the East Coast of the USA, or Penelope Gottlieb, who lives in Cape Town, S. Africa, were able to attend the launch in Johannesburg.

BODF Nancy and Steph, Leadership Dinner, Aug 2017 20170811_211408BL with Penny IMG-20180616-WA0025

With Nancy at the Leadership Dinner, Johannesburg, August 2017 and with Penny at my Birthday Book Launch of “The Sex Goddess”, June 2018

However, Muzi told me he would be travelling to the USA in January 2019 to launch his book on the radio show of a good friend – Bishop Carlton Pearson – in Tulsa Oklahoma.  (I had met both Bishop Carlton Pearson and Nancy Koenig when they came to South Africa in August 2017 with Rev. Michael Beckwith to participate in the “Birthing our Divine Feminine” conference.)


With Rev. Michael Beckwith, Bishop Carlton Pearson and his wife, Rev. Gina Gauthier from the USA on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, August 2017

BODF, Farewell Dinner in Cape Town 20170820_200605 (2)

With Muzi and Rev. Michael, Cape Town, August 2017 

At least Muzi would be on the same continent as Nancy and she might be able to travel to Oklahoma for the launch …..?

The Universe had a much better plan.

As soon as the editing was finished, Nancy, who had been magically “unemployed” for the exact length of time it took us to edit Muzi’s book, focused her mind on getting her next coaching contract and moving out of her then home as it was going to be sold.  The coaching contract manifested within 2 days and Nancy was off to upstate New York to work with her new client on a live-in basis.  The climate was freezing.  They lasted there a few weeks and then the client’s family decided to move her and Nancy down to Florida where the weather would be much warmer.

Nancy’s client had shown an interest in the Course in Miracles and Nancy was researching local spiritual centers in Florida where her client might attend a class.  During this process, Nancy discovered that Rev. Michael Beckwith would be coming to speak at a Unity church event in St. Petersburg, Florida, on 30 January, 2019. The event was called “Time to Rise and Heal the Divide” and it would mark the beginning of the 2019 Season for Non-violence.

Florida, Unity event, January 2019 49673944_1600855473349941_7350880769562116096_o

Nancy booked tickets for herself and for her client.

On Sunday, 27 January, the day before Muzi left S. Africa on his trip to America, he and I spoke at my spiritual centre, Soul Home.  He told me that he and his friend, Bishop Jackson Khosa, were going to fly first to St. Petersburg in Florida where they would attend a gathering of Spiritual leaders. Rev. Michael Beckwith would be there and other prominent figures in the New Thought movement in America.  After that event, they would travel to Tulsa for his book launch.

Quickly, I sent Nancy a message that Muzi would be in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his friend, Bishop Jackson, and that, even though Florida was a big state, it might be easier for her to hook up with him there than fly to Tulsa for the launch.

Well, unbeknownst to me, Muzi was planning to attend the exact same event that Nancy had already booked tickets for!  And the Universe being as friendly as it is, Nancy was able to go and meet Muzi and Bishop Jackson when they landed in Florida and drive them to their hotel.  Muzi was able to hand deliver to Nancy her own personal signed copy of “Jesus for a Digital Age”!


Florida, Muzi Nancy and Jackson, Jan 2019 IMG-20190131-WA0000

Muzi, Nancy and Bishop Jackson reunited

Florida Rev. Michael and Nancy, jan 2019 IMG-20190131-WA0003

Rev. Michael Beckwith and Nancy Koenig reunited

Don’t you love and wonder at how the Universe moves people about on this Divine Chessboard called Planet Earth? Rev. Michael Beckwith came from Los Angeles, Bishop Carlton Pearson from Tulsa, Nancy and her client from New York, Muzi and Bishop Jackson from South Africa, but they were all individually drawn to the same event in Florida.  And, thanks to technology, I was able to watch the event online in Johannesburg.

Florida, Muzi and Nancy's client Elisa, Jan 2019

Muzi with Nancy’s client – the Divine Catalyst to get Nancy to Florida for the Birthing our Divine Feminine reunion.

We are always exactly where we need to be, and with those we need to be with, in order for more of Heaven to be revealed on Earth.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter


Author: Rev. Stephanie Clarke

I am a speaker, an author and an ordained Interfaith Minister. My latest book is highly controversial and it is entitled: "The Sex Goddess: Debunking the Mythology of God & Sex." I offer life-coaching, Akashic readings, workshops and Sacred Ceremonies. Please visit my website for more info: www.TimelessTransitions.net

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