10. Miracles, Eggs and Einstein

“The miracles of earth are the laws of Heaven” Johann Richter

Albert Einstein famously said: ‘There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.’

“Albert Einstein quote” by Shayari unplugged, freeforcommercialuse.org


One morning I put some eggs on to boil for breakfast as I thought about this famous saying by Einstein.  As the water began to boil, I glanced at the kitchen clock and gave myself four minutes to take a quick shower.  On thar cold winter’s morning, I appreciated the miracle of the shower – the heat and the force of the water instantly warming my body, the beautiful rose scent of the soap, the winter sun streaming in through the bathroom window.  And in the enjoyment of all these miracles, I completely forgot about my eggs!  Miraculously, I woke up and quickly dried myself, while affirming that my eggs would be boiled to perfection – not too soft, not too hard – by the time I got back to the kitchen.

As I passed the phone at the entrance to the kitchen, it rang.  Miraculously, because I was right there, I was able to answer it after one short ring so that the phone extension in the main bedroom, right next my mother’s bed, did not wake her up with a fright. She was convalescing after a miraculous knee replacement operation and needed lots of rest.

The person on the other end of the line was my brother-in-law. This was most unexpected and even miraculous.  He had just come home from hospital after being in a near-fatal car accident which caused three fractures to his pelvis. His son, my nephew, had sustained five broken ribs and was still in hospital two weeks later. The airbags in the car had burst because of the impact of the other driver’s vehicle and the car itself was a complete write-off.   Miraculously, even though the accident took place at 10.30 pm on a Sunday evening in a quiet suburban street, there were witnesses and help was immediately available to get the two of them out of the car and call for the ambulance. It is miraculous that they are both still alive and healing nicely.

After our initial exchange of information regarding the state of my brother-in-law’s health and my mother’s, I excused myself to quickly take the eggs out of the pot and then ran back to the phone.

Miraculously, my brother-in-law reported that he was moving ahead with my mum’s legal case and would be consulting with his advocate friend over the next day or two.  Despite his weakened physical condition, he was continuing with his work and being driven by my sister to his various appointments.  Miraculously, my sister was retrenched from her part-time job two days before the car accident and had a two-week gap before starting a full-time job with a new company. Her new salary was going to be more than double her previous salary which meant she had the freedom to be at home and care for her husband and son without concern for financial loss.

And the most miraculous thing of all? My mother had been in the habit of constantly fretting about her situation and very impatient for the legal case to move forward.  As a result of her impatience, she had to ‘suffer’ endless seeming delays and obstacles: the advocate had to go into hospital for an operation, then my nephew had to go into hospital for an operation (two weeks before the car accident), there were public holidays and Jewish holidays, and then my brother-in-law’s car accident.  Knowing that my brother-in-law would be in hospital for some time, and probably not be able to work immediately after returning home, she let go of her stress and anxiety about the case.  She simply surrendered because she knew nothing would be done.  Miraculously, and to confirm that surrender is always the fastest way to get results, my brother-in-law made this call on his second day out of hospital to inform us that he was “on the case” and that it was moving forward rapidly!

Truly, Divine Activity is happening all the time and in all dimensions far beyond anything that we can humanly discern with our limited knowledge and vision.

Oh, and the other miracle?  My eggs were boiled to perfection! 🙂   “Smiling boiled eggs” by Naoko Takono www.flickr.com/photos/naokomc/8943427003  Freeforcommercialuse.org

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph


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9. What you focus on expands: The Valley of the Kings (Part II)

“The miracles of Earth are the laws of Heaven.”  Johann Paul Richter

Rev. Steph

At the end of the last blog post, I left you wondering how the Egyptian magic in the Valley of the Kings became even more miraculous.  So here is the story.

In March 2005, I left the ministry I had founded in South Africa, Soul Home, and returned to Europe to work as an English teacher.  En route from Johannesburg to London, I spent two months in the city of Luxor on the East bank of the Nile, from where I could explore the ancient temples and tombs to my heart’s content as well as get started on my autobiography. (The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades.  amazon.com/author/revstephanieclarke)

If you have ever travelled in Egypt, you will know that potty breaks are an issue.  Finding a loo when you need one is a challenge of note and when you do find one, it is often a smelly, less-than-sanitary hole in the ground. My best friend in Luxor, Ahmed, had a solution for me.  He managed a shop in the city centre close to the Nile and the Luxor Temple.  The back door of the shop opened onto a lovely shaded court yard with tables, couches and canopies where a vendor was selling coffee, tea and fruit juices.  This balmy peaceful area, cut off from the main drag and the noisy tourists, was actually the forecourt of The Luxor Hotel.

Hotel - Luxor

The Luxor Hotel, Luxor, Egypt, by Kelly Photos

Flickr: freeforcommercialuse.org

In fact, in the old photograph above,  you can almost see the doorway of Ahmed’s shop on the far left if it were not hidden by the trunk of a whacking great palm tree!

In the lobby of the Luxor Hotel there were semi-decent western loos.  It was rare to find loo paper AND soap AND towels on any given day, plus the loo floor was often wet, but still, this was a luxury and allowed me to drink my Egyptian mango juice or my freshly squeezed lemonade without fear of the consequences while I wrote my life-story on my laptop.

Garden Restaurant, Luxor Hotel

In the garden of the Luxor Hotel, Luxor 2005

Now, what is interesting about The Luxor Hotel is that it was chosen as the on-location film set for the 2005 production of “Tutankhamun,” the BBC 4-part series about the discovery of the young pharaoh’s tomb – the very same series that my mum has saved for me to watch in 2017 in S. Africa!

And what is even more interesting is that the on-location filming was happening during the very two months that I was staying in Luxor!  In fact, some of the film crew and actors were staying in the hotel.  The local Egyptian extras, who were playing the role of Howard Carter’s digging crew, would gather there in the courtyard every day to be taken across the Nile to the film set on the West Bank in the Valley of the Kings.

High up in the Valley of the Kings (left) far from the official site entrance (right)

The lobby of the hotel had been transformed into an exotic 1920’s ex-pats’ club, complete with red velvet sofas, rubber plants and paintings of European nobility. So as I wandered into the hotel lobby to use the loo, I was transported into 1920’s colonial Egypt.

A few months later, after I had returned to London, I went to visit a friend of mine, Dave.  Dave watches a lot of TV and simply turns the volume down slightly when he has visitors.  While we sat and chatted, I noticed a familiar scene out of the corner of my eye:  “Tutankhamun,” the BBC series, was on TV!  And the reason it caught my eye was that the scene was taking place in the “ex-pats’ club” in The Luxor Hotel!

“Dave,” I said, excitedly, “Look! I used to go to the loo right there behind that rubber plant!”

Dave, a full-on Cockney with the gift of the gab and rarely stuck for words, was silent. He smiled at me like the wise old Sphinx. Was he awed by my glamorous life or trying to visualise me peeing behind the plant?

It remains both a mystery and a miss-story to this very day.



8. What you focus on expands: The Valley of the Kings (Part I)

While grocery shopping recently, I was standing in the queue for the cashier and the front cover of the National Geographic History magazine caught my eye.  It was a beautifully painted Egyptian mummy laying in a colourfully painted coffin.

When I see Egyptian images, my heart opens.  I instantly tap into ancient memories of past lives and feel such joy.  As well as the article on Egyptian mummies, the magazine contained an article on “The Lost Gospels.” This is another interest of mine and I have been using material from these gospels to prepare my recent Soul-Home Sunday talks on “God and Sex.”  So I bought the magazine, had a quick glance at it and put it to one side for a time when I could savour it in peace.

That time for savouring came one month later.  As I opened the magazine in the early morning, my eyes rested on a stunning photo of the West Bank of the Nile near Luxor, more famously known as the Valley of the Kings. It is where the ancient pharaohs and their royal families are buried.  I have travelled many times on the overnight train from Cairo to Luxor and love that moment of seeing “my pink mountain,” as I possessively call it, for the first time as the train approaches Luxor.  Pink because the West Bank of the Nile, where the sun sets, was deliberately chosen for the tombs of the Pharaohs.  The sunlight gives the mountain an ethereal rosy glow.

Valley of the Kings by Charlotte Moon

Valley of the Kings



On the back cover of the National Geographic magazine was a picture of Zahi Hawass, the famous Director of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, with the 3 famous Giza pyramids in the background.  He was promoting an archaeological tour to Egypt called “The Royal Tour.”  So I gazed at the Pyramids and fantasised for a few moments about going to Egypt on an archaeological tour. And then I dismissed it and turned my attention to my tasks for the day which mostly involved caring for my mother after her recent surgery. I forgot about Egypt.

Later that evening, I came home from an event and mum said to me.  “There is a programme you will like coming on at 9pm.  I have recorded it for you but we can watch it together if you want.”

“What programme is that?” I asked.

“Tutankhamun” said mum.

And so we watched the first episode of a 4-part series all about how the archaeologist, Howard Carter, with the funding support of Lord Carnarvon, discovered, in 1922, the lost tomb of Tutankhamun, nestled in my pink mountain in the Valley of the Kings.

Tutankhamun by  Jan Honcu

Flickr:  freeforcommercialuse.org

You would think that this was enough of a demonstration to be happy with, wouldn’t you?  A clear example of how what you and I focus on is reflected back to us in our experience. But no.  Wait, there is more…..

I will tell you the rest of the story in the next blog post.

7. What are Metaphysical Musings? (Part II) And how did God and Sex get involved already?


We delved into the word “metaphysical” in Blog #6.  Now we will go deeper into the meaning of the word “musings.”


The Muse by Andrius Foto.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/51634798@N03/5420856079/     Freeforcommercialuse.org

What is a muse?

The dictionary defines a muse as: “a goddess that inspires a creative artist, especially a poet.”

Muse is a 14th century French word, derived from the Latin “musa” and the Greek equivalent “Mousa.”

The Muse atop Belgorod’s civic theatre, Russia

Civic theatre, Belgorod, Russia

In Greek mythology, the nine Muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Each goddess was regarded as the protectress of a different art or science.

From the root word “mus” we get the words music, amusement, museum and, of course, musings.


What are musings?

One dictionary defined the word as follows:

“a period of reflection or thought.”

Example: “his musings were interrupted by the sound of the telephone”

Synonyms are:

meditation, thinking, contemplation, deliberation, pondering, reflection, rumination, cogitation, introspection, daydreaming, dreaming, reverie, abstraction, preoccupation, brooding, woolgathering.

All of the synonyms fit for me, except perhaps “woolgathering.”

And here is a new word which my mentally-minded readers will enjoy: “cerebration.”  Doesn’t it sound like “celebration”?  If you think about it, to truly cerebrate is a celebration of our Divine Intelligence!

The Thinker. Photo by Fredrik Rubensson

https://www.flickr.com/photos/froderik/8283727226/  Freeforcommercialuse.org

If you have not known me long but have already read Blog #5, you will know that I do not enjoy sexist language and that I like to create and introduce female-honouring (or hon-her-ing) words whenever I can.

Well, today, when I asked Spirit: “What can I write about today on the subject of “Musings” which will make this post interesting?”, I was guided to research some new dictionary definitions of “musings.”  I found one which I had not seen before and which is perfect for this blog post because of the example provided.  It was waiting for me in the Cambridge online dictionary:

“Your thoughts or comments on something you have been thinking about carefully for a long time.”

I actually like this definition because it is a more accurate description of what I am doing in this Miracle Blog.  But now to the example:

“His musings on everything from sex to religion are profound.”

Aaaagh!!  For a start, the use of the male pronoun, “his,” indicates that only a man could muse profoundly on such a broad range of subjects.  (Notice the pronoun “his” was also used in the first example above.)

Does this mean, then, that when women muse, they only have superficial thoughts? Or does it mean that when they do have deep thoughts, they are confined to the smaller female world of domestic labour, mothering, fashion and beauty?

AND, more subtly, the dictionary belies a consciousness of separation from God. By God, I mean the Great Omnipotent Deity, bereft of male genitalia.

Let me explain.

In order to illustrate how profoundly men can muse, the dictionary writers chose the concepts of sex and religion, which are typically considered to be polar opposites, thereby demonstrating that the magnificent male mind can muse on the broadest range of subjects covering all points on the spectrum of human thought.  The spectrum, however, is the result of a biblical mythology, written by men, in which sex is classified as sinful and earthly whereas religion (or the worship of an abstract male god) is classified as heavenly and pure.  It is a perfect example of the age-old war between the concepts of the Spirit and the flesh, a war that is still raging in those minds exhibiting a preponderance towards the patriarchal patterns of thought.

So let me tell you that in the course of my profound Goddess-inspired musings on sex and religion, I have discovered that God and Sex are One:  One Life, One Energy, One Creative Power and not at all separate.  In fact, I would go so far as to state that God is Sexual Energy.  I will leave you with this her-etical comment, promising to muse on it in greater depth in a future blog post.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph


6. What are Metaphysical Musings? (Part I)

Let us look at the word “metaphysical” first.

Today, “metaphysics” enjoys a very broad definition including: Philosophy, Spiritual Psychology, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Astrology, Meditation, Self-help studies, Positive Thinking, Reincarnation, Life after Death, Spirit Communication, Alternative Healing etc.

However, the word “metaphysical,” can be broken down into two components: “meta” meaning “beyond” or “above” and “physical” meaning “nature.”  So the simple definition is “beyond the natural world.”

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, (384 BCE – 324 BCE) first used the word “Metaphysics” to deal with the abstract questions about the realm beyond our 5-sense perception.

Roman copy in marble of a Greek bronze bust of Aristotle by Lysippusc. 330 BCE.

Photo by renjith radhakrishnan  via freeforcommercialuse.org

“Metaphysical” is almost a synonym of the word “supernatural” which is derived from Latin and means “that  which is not physical and not subject to explanation by natural laws or science.”  “Metaphysical” and “supernatural” both apply to phenomena that are outside everyday experience or knowledge.

Those are the standard meanings commonly accepted by popular culture and I may well touch on all on them in future blog posts but, using my divinely-inherited gift to make up new words and expand definitions of old words, my alternative definition of metaphysics right now is:

“the practice of proving the existence of the abstract invisible realm of thought in the physical universe of matter and human experience.”

Ta da!!

I have been able to prove to myself many times that if I change a thought or an old belief, I have a corresponding reflection in my human experience.  It is instantaneous.  The thought-cause and the “outpicturing” or effect in the physical are two sides of the same coin.

So for examples, fearful thoughts of “I am going to be late,” must show up as arriving late and probably as a result of all kinds of unexpected delays e.g. a traffic jam or a missed train.

Positive thoughts such as “Everyone I meet is a new friend” must show up as right relationship with everyone who is drawn to you or who simply crosses your path, however fleetingly.

If you want to prove this invisible realm of thought to yourself too, start noticing how your human experiences could possibly be related to your dominant thoughts, hopes and fears.  The more you notice, the more the Universe will reveal to you on your spiritual quest.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph

5. What is a “Mystery”?  And what is a “Miss-Story”?



According to the dictionary, a mystery is:

  • Anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown
  • Any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation

According to the Thesaurus, the synonyms for “mystery” include:

  • conundrum
  • enigma
  • puzzle
  • riddle
  • secret

And why do I prefer the alternative spelling “Miss-Story” or “Miss-Stories”?

Language describes reality and language has been mostly man-made for the last few thousand years so, whenever I can, I make up new words that reveal the presence of the Divine Feminine.

The Feminine is typically mysterious, in touch with the worlds within and knows things intuitively without physical evidence. Have you ever caught yourself saying:  “I don’t know how I know that.  I just know that!”?

Furthermore, “Miss-Stories” sounds like my book title “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend” and there will certainly be stories in this blog from my life that have a mysterious, mystical and even miss-tickle element.

Definition of  “miss-tickle”

In the Word according to Rev. Steph, “miss-tickle” means

  • humorous
  • mystical and
  • authored by a woman.

Goddess knows, maybe “Miss-Stories” will be a book title of its own someday…?

Looking forward to going deeper into the meanings of these words and how they apply to our lives in terms of the changes we want to order up from the Universe.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph

If you would like to purchase a copy of my book “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades,” please click on the link to Amazon here.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M RZJ3E1/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid= 1482356950&sr=8-1&keywords= The+Miss-Adventures+of+an+ irreverent+Reverend

If you are reading this blog in South Africa and would like a personally inscribed paperback copy, (purchase price R250.00) please go to my contact page on this site.

4. What is a miracle?

Miracles, Miss-Stories and Metaphysical Musings

“The miracles of Earth are the laws of Heaven.”  Johann Paul Richter

What is a miracle?

Firstly, I will give you the traditional definitions.

According to the dictionary, a miracle is:

  • An extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
  • An event considered as a work of God.

According to the Thesaurus, synonyms for “miracle” include:

  • marvel
  • phenomenon
  • wonder

Origin of the word “miracle”

Middle English: via Old French from Latin miraculum ‘object of wonder’, from mirari ‘to wonder’, from mirus ‘wonderful’.

From this word root, we get our current words “mirror”, “admire” and “mirage”.

My understanding of a miracle

For me, a miracle has nothing to do with a supernatural cause or an external divine agency.  That traditional definition indicates separatist thinking i.e. God is outside me and can cause things to happen in my life which I have no part in.  In the Science of Mind, we teach that God is Who and What I AM. I AM an emanation of God, a hologram of the Divine.

Therefore, according to my metaphysical understanding, a miracle is the earthly manifestation of an internal shift in consciousness.  When you and I change our minds and shift our attention in a heavenly direction, all things become possible and miracles abound.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph

3. My Spiritual “Big Five”

Miracles,  Miss-Stories and Metaphysical Musings

“The miracles of Earth are the laws of Heaven” Johann Paul Richter 

My Spiritual “Big Five”

One night I had a revelation….

I had been wracking my brains about how to do this blog and write about all the things that inspire and delight me in a way that would be inspiring and helpful to you.

I was getting completely stalled by my old addiction to perfection and afraid to start, in case I made a mistake and lost you. (The fact that we had not even found each other at this point is completely irrelevant!)

Without realising it, I asked for help from Upstairs and suddenly, miraculously, I got my answer:

This entire blog is about revealing the Presence of Heaven on Earth and it is the broad umbrella under which all the modes of expression and service that I love are included.

So, my spiritual “Big Five” are:

  1. Writing and Speaking
  2. Travelling and leading Pilgrimages
  3. Law of Attraction Coaching
  4. Teaching Metaphysics
  5. Facilitating Sacred Ceremonies

And I have experienced miracles in all of these areas which I look forward to sharing with you in upcoming blog posts.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology,


Rev. Steph

The Big Five in the African Bush: African Elephant, African Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo.  The five most difficult animals to hunt on foot.  

Photo by Nellie Visser(www.flickr.com/photos/nellie_visser/6800887575/) via: freeforcommercialuse.org


2. The Power of a Miracle Blog

Miracles, Miss-Stories and Metaphysical Musings

“The miracles of Earth are the laws of Heaven.”Johann Paul Richter, novelist

The Power of a Miracle Blog

In the words of Jesus the Christ: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” (Ref.: John 12:32.)

To me this means, the higher I go spiritually, the more everybody benefits because there is only One Mind.

So if you and I are connected in consciousness because you are open and willing to receiving new ideas and insights that expand your life, then you automatically get the blessing of the upliftment when I shift.

It works the other way too:  if you shift, I receive the blessing of a faster, finer frequency of energy from your consciousness.  So growth and movement happen automatically in a vertical sense in terms of upliftment.

But consider this too:   as I now open myself up to consciously sharing the miracles and insights that I experience, using the written word in the form of this blog, the message of hope, upliftment and the divine awareness of this magical miraculous universe we live in, can be spread further abroad – in other words, Life is expanding horizontally too.

What is so inspiring and exciting for me is that in the very act of me writing, and then you reading, these words, already more of that elevated consciousness of Heaven is breaking through into our human experience.  We are becoming transformed right now!  That is the miracle of Oneness and the spiritual connection which transcends time and space.

I trust and know that this blog will touch people in various ways as and when they are ready to receive.   There are no accidents in this universe and there is no time in the Spirit, so someone might read this blog 100 years from now on earth and it will be exactly when they are ready for it.

So I offer these blog posts to you, beloved Reader.  May they find you at the perfect time in your evolutionary journey. May they uplift your life and cause untold blessings and miracles throughout all eternity.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph

1. Introduction

Miracles, Miss-Stories and Metaphysical Musings

“The miracles of Earth are the laws of Heaven” Johann Paul Richter,  novelist



I have been longing to write this blog forever.  Miracles, Miss-Stories and Metaphysical Musings occur just about every day of my life and it is my greatest joy to have this online forum for sharing them with the world.

Purpose of this blog

My purpose is to raise our collective awareness about the Invisible Power and Intelligence, which is orchestrating our lives behind the scenes for the highest good of each of us and the Whole Universe.

Rev. Steph – late-blooming blogger

My name is Stephanie Clarke, affectionately known as “Rev. Steph”  to my friends, students and congregants. This is a divine hangover from the days when I was a (hyper)-active metaphysical minister.

Starting a successful spiritual community was a miracle of note. It is the crux of my autobiography: The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirited guide for rebels and renegades.

However, there have been many more miracles, both before and since I founded Soul Home. These are what I intend to share with you in this blog as well as some funny Miss-Stories (arguably Miss-Demeanours) and my Metaphysical Musings.

The stories you will read here are about how the laws of Heaven are revealed on Earth in the form of miracles.

Celebrating the miracle of global connection via technology.


Rev. Steph