90. The Valentine’s Story of Trev and Martine

Rev. Steph

Soon after I began working for English in Action in the Marketing Department in 2008, two new staff members joined the team and I was given the task of training one of them. His name was Trevor.

On our first training trip around Austria visiting schools, we discovered that we both came from Epsom in Surrey.  That was enough of a coincidence since we met in Canterbury  in Kent but there were more parallels…..

Canterbury Cathedral IMAG0592

Room with a view of Canterbury Cathedral

My mother had worked for a short time in the cinema in Ewell Court, a few miles from Epsom. When the cinema was demolished, a block of flats was built on that same piece of ground and Trevor’s dad bought one.  After Trev moved back to the UK, he would often go and visit his dad at weekends and he stayed in that same block of flats where the cinema had once been – at the end of the road where I grew up!

As a teenager, Trevor lived very close to the grammar school I attended in Epsom, Rosebery, and he dated a number of girls there. (Or so he said.)


I did not know any of Trevor’s girlfriends because they were mostly 10 years younger than I.  One of them was called Martine and when Trevor left school and began a catering business, Martine helped him out at weekends.  They were 18 and shared a passion for food.

The relationship did not last.  Trevor went travelling.  Like me, he lived and worked in Amsterdam for a while – actually in a coffee shop close to the McDonalds restaurant where I worked.

Amsterdam, McDonalds on Rembrandtsplein IMAG1274

McDonalds on Rembrandtsplain, Amsterdam, where I started my illustrious career behind the tills at age 18.

(You can read more about my life in Amsterdam in my autobiography “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend” and in “The Sex Goddess” too.)

After that Trev got his qualification as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, moved to Spain, bought a house in Asturias and settled down with no thoughts of returning to the UK and much less getting married.

Trev's house in Asturias 12279025_10153195585947256_5477096803999503891_n

Trev’s house in Asturias, Spain

But, in 2008, Trev felt guided to move back to the UK permanently.  He got the marketing job with English in Action in early 2009 and moved to Canterbury.  Soon afterwards, thanks to Facebook, Trevor and Martine found each other and started communicating.  Love was rekindled.

In 2014, I was still working for English in Action but living in Vienna, Austria. I returned to England for the school holidays in July.  Trevor invited me to a barbeque at his house in Canterbury.   There I met Martine for the first time and we swapped notes about Rosebery. It turned out that we had had many of the same teachers – the hardcore ones who had never left.

Trev and Martine 20993005_10154762168177256_4393072533787121822_n

Before I left my full time position at English in Action in 2015, Trev shared with me that he was planning to marry Martine.  He wanted me to be at the wedding but we were not sure how to work that out logistically.  I was planning to move back to South Africa and did not think I would be able to afford to fly to the UK for a wedding, much as I wanted to be there.

Well, the Universe worked it out nicely….  English in Action asked me to come back to Europe in September 2018 for a one month marketing contract in Austria starting on 23 September.  Trev and Martine set their wedding date for 22 September and I was able to attend the wedding with my return flight from S. Africa paid for as part of my marketing contract.

Trev and Martine celebrating 42435593_10156943992550362_4765325232057614336_n

It was one of the happiest weddings I have ever attended.

Wishing you many more years of happiness, Trev and Martine.

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Trev and Martine, kissing IMG_20180922_195616

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter

89. The Divine Chessboard

Rev. Steph

Late last year, I had the privilege of speed-editing Muzi Cindi’s book, “Jesus for a Digital Age” in time for the launch on 15 December 2018.

JFDA front Cover on Amazon 41R9FjdSzwL._AC_US218_


JFDA Steph and Muzi facilitating Forgiveness process IMG-20181219-WA0004Sadly, neither of my two editing assistants, Nancy Koenig, who was then based on the East Coast of the USA, or Penelope Gottlieb, who lives in Cape Town, S. Africa, were able to attend the launch in Johannesburg.

BODF Nancy and Steph, Leadership Dinner, Aug 2017 20170811_211408BL with Penny IMG-20180616-WA0025

With Nancy at the Leadership Dinner, Johannesburg, August 2017 and with Penny at my Birthday Book Launch of “The Sex Goddess”, June 2018

However, Muzi told me he would be travelling to the USA in January 2019 to launch his book on the radio show of a good friend – Bishop Carlton Pearson – in Tulsa Oklahoma.  (I had met both Bishop Carlton Pearson and Nancy Koenig when they came to South Africa in August 2017 with Rev. Michael Beckwith to participate in the “Birthing our Divine Feminine” conference.)


With Rev. Michael Beckwith, Bishop Carlton Pearson and his wife, Rev. Gina Gauthier from the USA on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, August 2017

BODF, Farewell Dinner in Cape Town 20170820_200605 (2)

With Muzi and Rev. Michael, Cape Town, August 2017 

At least Muzi would be on the same continent as Nancy and she might be able to travel to Oklahoma for the launch …..?

The Universe had a much better plan.

As soon as the editing was finished, Nancy, who had been magically “unemployed” for the exact length of time it took us to edit Muzi’s book, focused her mind on getting her next coaching contract and moving out of her then home as it was going to be sold.  The coaching contract manifested within 2 days and Nancy was off to upstate New York to work with her new client on a live-in basis.  The climate was freezing.  They lasted there a few weeks and then the client’s family decided to move her and Nancy down to Florida where the weather would be much warmer.

Nancy’s client had shown an interest in the Course in Miracles and Nancy was researching local spiritual centers in Florida where her client might attend a class.  During this process, Nancy discovered that Rev. Michael Beckwith would be coming to speak at a Unity church event in St. Petersburg, Florida, on 30 January, 2019. The event was called “Time to Rise and Heal the Divide” and it would mark the beginning of the 2019 Season for Non-violence.

Florida, Unity event, January 2019 49673944_1600855473349941_7350880769562116096_o

Nancy booked tickets for herself and for her client.

On Sunday, 27 January, the day before Muzi left S. Africa on his trip to America, he and I spoke at my spiritual centre, Soul Home.  He told me that he and his friend, Bishop Jackson Khosa, were going to fly first to St. Petersburg in Florida where they would attend a gathering of Spiritual leaders. Rev. Michael Beckwith would be there and other prominent figures in the New Thought movement in America.  After that event, they would travel to Tulsa for his book launch.

Quickly, I sent Nancy a message that Muzi would be in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his friend, Bishop Jackson, and that, even though Florida was a big state, it might be easier for her to hook up with him there than fly to Tulsa for the launch.

Well, unbeknownst to me, Muzi was planning to attend the exact same event that Nancy had already booked tickets for!  And the Universe being as friendly as it is, Nancy was able to go and meet Muzi and Bishop Jackson when they landed in Florida and drive them to their hotel.  Muzi was able to hand deliver to Nancy her own personal signed copy of “Jesus for a Digital Age”!


Florida, Muzi Nancy and Jackson, Jan 2019 IMG-20190131-WA0000

Muzi, Nancy and Bishop Jackson reunited

Florida Rev. Michael and Nancy, jan 2019 IMG-20190131-WA0003

Rev. Michael Beckwith and Nancy Koenig reunited

Don’t you love and wonder at how the Universe moves people about on this Divine Chessboard called Planet Earth? Rev. Michael Beckwith came from Los Angeles, Bishop Carlton Pearson from Tulsa, Nancy and her client from New York, Muzi and Bishop Jackson from South Africa, but they were all individually drawn to the same event in Florida.  And, thanks to technology, I was able to watch the event online in Johannesburg.

Florida, Muzi and Nancy's client Elisa, Jan 2019

Muzi with Nancy’s client – the Divine Catalyst to get Nancy to Florida for the Birthing our Divine Feminine reunion.

We are always exactly where we need to be, and with those we need to be with, in order for more of Heaven to be revealed on Earth.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter

87. An unbreakable soul bond

Rev. Steph

The only problem with our new kitty, Sweetie Pie, is that he was not technically legal.  There is a rule on the retirement complex where my mother lives that pets are not allowed. However, my mother had heard that various residents had discreetly acquired a cat or dog and that other residents who had moved in with a pet in tow, had illegally taken on new pets after their original pets had died.

When we went to pick Sweetie Pie up from the original owner, we explained the situation and he offered to take the kitten back if there were any problems.  This was a relief, of course, but neither my mother nor I could have guessed how much Sweetie Pie would climb into our hearts on his very first day with us and that we would never want to part with him.


Kitty hanging on to his fave toy – a pink fluffy heart

A few days after Sweetie Pie moved in, my mother fell and broke four ribs, pierced her right lung and had to be hospitalized for five days. When she came home, she had two visits.  One was from a member of the local Care Committee.  The other was from the local nurse.  Both visitors saw the kitten.  The first visitor was angry with my mother for breaking the rules and threatened to report her.  The second visitor, the nurse, definitely saw the kitten on her way out and we knew she would be obliged to mention it to the manager of the complex.

A black cloud came over us that night. We had been busted!  We might have to give Sweetie Pie back.  Unimaginable!


Kitty exhausted after a hard day at play

I considered contacting a few of my prayer warrior friends and asking them to pray for us.  But I stopped myself.  It was going to be a very childish prayer request and I know better than to ask the universe to bend the rules in my favour and make me special.  Instead, I had a serious talk with the kitty.  I sat him down and looked him in the eye and I reminded him that he had come to us via the Law of Attraction.  Clearly, he wanted to be with us and we wanted to be with him.  And since we had been brought together by this divine law and we were on a soul journey together, we could never be separated. I explained that the Law of Attraction was more powerful than the village rules and that he belonged with us and we would find a way to keep him – no matter what it took.  This last bit I said with fierceness and determination and great conviction although I did not have a clue how we could make it happen.


Kitty living in the let-go – relaxing and trusting.

That night I told a good friend in the UK about the situation and asked him to pray for the highest and best outcome for all.


Cat and mouse

In the morning, the nurse came by again to check on my mother.  The cat was right there when she walked into the room.  I saw her face soften.

“Do you like cats?”  I asked

“Oh yes,” she said.

My mother said.  “We were so worried that we might be reported and have to give the cat back.”

“I told the manager yesterday after I saw him here,” said the nurse.  “But please do not worry. I have just come back from yet another training course in which the main point that was stressed was that old people should have pets because animals are good for their mental and emotional well being. It is so tough on old people when their husband or wife dies – a little pet can give them companionship and a reason to stay alive.”

“So we can keep him?” we asked the nurse in disbelief.

“Yes,” she said.  “It will be fine. Just make sure he gets all his shots and that he does not go outside before he has been neutered.”


When I went to send a message to my friend in the UK  to let him know the good news and thank him for his prayers, I found this message waiting on my phone: “They changed the rules so that the people there can have pets.  I just heard the Holy Spirit say that I need to focus on much bigger issues like health and the benefits of pets in nursing homes.”

There is only One Mind and that which has been joined together by the Law of Attraction, let no person break asunder.  Actually, no person could ever break a soul bond even if he or she wanted to.  That kind of connection is beyond human power to change.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter


86. The Cat Whisperer


Rev. Steph

Six months ago, in July 2018, I was having lunch with some close friends, Jackie, Sharon and Shirley, who are all avid animal lovers.  I did not have any pets at the time, and had no intention of getting any, and was not completely tuned into the conversation, but I remember becoming more attentive when I heard Sharon talking about the local cat whisperer who was such a wonderful vet.  Sharon said she was going to miss having this special person caring for her animals when the family moved down to Cape Town in October.

A few weeks after this lunch, I went overseas for 2 months. During my time away, my mother expressed a desire to my sister to get a cat as a companion.  My sister is a big cat lover and encouraged my mum to go for it.

Mum also told my friend Jackie, her hairdresser, that she might want to get a cat. Jackie offered to put mum in touch with some friends of hers whose cat was pregnant.  The cat duly had kittens and one by one they were given away to new homes.  Jackie tried to contact the owners to make an appointment for mum to go over and choose a kitten but the family did not respond to her messages.  It was Christmas. It was a busy time. We let it go and thought it was not meant to be.  Then, right after the holidays, in early January, Jackie showed up at the front door and said:  “Get in my car quick! We are going to see the last two kittens! The family is taking them to the SPCA tomorrow because they cannot keep them all.”  We did as we were told and mum chose the smaller kitty with unusual coloring – like an upside down cappuccino.  Her name was Snoekie.  When we got her home, we realized that she matched all the furniture, the carpets, curtains and even the floor tiles!  We called her ‘Sweetie’ – short for ‘Lounge Suite.’  ‘Sweetie’ then got extended to ‘Sweetie Pie.’

We asked the owner if she could recommend a vet so that we could get the kitten spayed.  The owner recommended the vet in Eastleigh and gave us the number.  Then I suddenly remembered that conversation with Sharon about the Cat Whisperer.   I contacted Sharon to get the details. It turned out that the vet was in Eastleigh – the very same surgery that the cat owner had recommended! The surgery had a male and a female vet.  The female was called Marguerite.  She was the Cat Whisperer.

img_20190117_225720 (2)

Both vets were working when we arrived.  Mum and I prayed that we would be next in line for Marguerite while Sweetie Pie yowled in her cage, having been totally traumatised by the journey to the vet’s.  In fact, she had yowled for the first half hour in the waiting area until, Oliver, one of the staff members, had talked to her and calmed her down.  Oliver was clearly so gifted with animals that I asked him if he had ever considered becoming a vet himself.  He said his specialty was making friends with the animals but he did not have the gift of listening to the animal and hearing the animal tell him what was wrong medically.  Ah, so that is how vets operate – or animal whisperers anyway.

Marguerite came out into the waiting area dressed in dingy grey overalls and called us in using our cat’s name, Sweetie Pie.  She was a  woman of about 50 who had let her short hair go grey. She wore no make up. But she was dressed very practically for any animal eventuality….  She did not seem to care what she looked like.  She only cared about the animals.

As soon as Marguerite held our kitten, Sweetie Pie started to purr happily despite her recent trauma and being in the hands of a stranger in a strange place.  The vet held her and stroked her and kissed her back and muttered to her in a language that mum and I barely understood although it was definitely English. Then she turned her head and listened in to the cat with her ear on the cat’s back.  What did the cat need to tell her?  I hardly dared speak while the vet was communing with kitty.  It would have been like interrupting someone in prayer.  I wanted to take a photo but I stopped myself. It would have been trespassing on that sacred space of communion.

In the process of examining our kitten, Marguerite informed us that Sweetie Pie was a boy and not a girl as we had been told by the first owner.  We joked about it with the receptionist as we were leaving and the receptionist commented that so many animals came in a girls and left as boys or vice versa!

While we had been waiting to see the vet, another pet owner sitting next to my mum said that she would only ever bring her animals to this particular surgery because the place had ‘soul.’  How true.  We left there uplifted and expanded in our appreciation of the divine connection between animals and humans, and feeling blessed that our new kitten had received such loving care and attention and had his sexuality confirmed into the bargain! 🙂

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter



85. Reaping roses

Rev. Steph

“I sent you to reap that for which you did not labor; for others labored and you have entered into their labor.” John 4:38

My mother loves roses and created a beautiful rose garden when she and her husband moved into their new retirement property 10 years ago.

rose garden 20171020_181613

It was a pleasure for them both to sit in their sunny veranda every day and look out on the beauty of the rose garden.

My mother used to pick the roses and arrange them in vases around the house where they would radiate their authentic rose scent – something one can rarely enjoy with shop-bought roses.

roses, pink in vase img_20181231_125621

The rose garden still looks beautiful because my mother hires a gardener once per month but my step father died a year ago and my mother is too frail now to stand and pick roses as she once used to.  That has become my job and it is my great joy to find the roses that want to come into the house, or be given as a gift to friends or grace the altar at our Soul Home Sacred Gatherings on a Sunday.

roses, pink on table, img_20190104_145211 (2)

When the roses start to droop in the vase and loose their petals, I gather the petals that still have aliveness and float them in a glass bowl of water.  I then place the bowl in front of my mother’s statue of a reclining woman – I call her “the goddess” –  as an offering to the Divine Feminine.

rosepetals for the goddess img_20190104_144930

As I walk among the roses with my secateurs, I remind myself that I am reaping where I have not sown. Most of the rose bushes were purchased by my mother and first planted when I was still living in Europe years ago. I had NOTHING to do with cultivating them except doing a bit of watering on very hot days. And yet I am privileged to harvest them and enjoy their beauty in overflowing abundance:  no matter how many roses I pick, the garden still looks gloriously full.  And even while I cut the roses from the bush, more roses are growing and about to bloom on other bushes around me.

rose, single, cream img_20181231_125642

The more I am conscious of the places in my life where I am “reaping where I have not sown,” the more I experience the fullness of the finished Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. For example:

  • I did not make the clothes I wear
  • I did not grow the food I eat
  • I did not drill for the oil that goes in my car
  • I did not make the paper I write on
  • I did not design this WordPress software and yet I can use it to write my blogs.

The more you and I focus on that fullness, the more of that fullness is revealed to us. And thus, we change the world, one thought at a time, and others who come after us will reap the blessings of the fruits of this new consciousness which we have sown today.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter


84. Joyful New You!

Rev. Steph

I AM responsible for my Happy New Year!

Recently, there has been an explosion of ‘Happy New Year’ wishes all over Social Media. For the first time ever, I realised that ‘Happy New Year’ does not exist. Of course, it is lovely to wish people a Happy New Year and have others wish me that too but what are we really saying…?

  1. ‘Happy’ is a human emotion, a chemical feeling that is dependent upon circumstances being a certain way which you and I interpret as “good.”  And ‘happy’ is fleeting. ‘Happy’ certainly could not last for a whole 365 days as you will have noticed once you have driven your new car a few times or once you have spent your end-of-year bonus paying off credit card debt or once the romantic fantasy has begun to dwindle into ordinariness or even ‘irritatingness’ with your new lover… 😦
  2. ‘New’ refers to the period of time after the clock strikes midnight.  So the year is only new for a short time once 31st December is over.  At tops, the ‘new’ year lasts till the end of January which takes its name from the Roman god ‘Janus.’ In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings.

Open door, Burg Lockenhaus 20171007_132712

Open gate at medieval castle in Austria, Burg Lockenhaus

Janus is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.  He belongs to the realm of duality, not to the present moment.

Head of Janus in Vatican Museum Rome, photo by Loudon Dodd on Wikipedia

Head of Janus at the Vatican Museum in Rome, photo by Louden Dodd

3.  ‘Year’ does not exist either.  It is a man-made measurement of time. Furthermore, a wish for a Happy New Year is a wish for future time.  And future time does not exist.  All we have is now.

So in my metaphysical way, I prefer to wish you a “Joyful New You!”

  1. ‘Joyful’ is not the same as ‘happy’.  Joy is our birthright. You and I have the capacity to feel inner joy regardless of outer circumstances
  2. ‘New’ refers to our evolution as spiritual beings.  II Corinthians 5:17 expresses it this way:    “Whoever from now on is a follower of Christ, is a new creation; old things have passed away.”  When you and I pay attention to our indwelling Spirit and listen for inner guidance, we reveal more and more of our true nature as divine beings.  It looks like we are made new but, in truth, our real selves are emerging from the dross of the past and habituated thinking
  3. ‘You’ – the real you, the conscious, divine you – has the choice in any new now moment to be joyful.

Living by the #Silk Road makes people happy 71f3bd823d562cd4b4e7b6ea9e48746d

Living by the #SilkRoad makes people happy

So when I say “Joyful New You!”, I am calling forth your eternal nature and reminding you that your essence is Joy and that you have the choice to be in Joy in every moment.  Personally, I find this more empowering than wishing you a Happy New Year because wishing that

  • circumstances work out according to your specifications,
  • in the illusion of uncontrollable future time,
  • to give you the chemical rush identified as ‘happy,’
  • on an ongoing basis for 365 days,

does not have much power in it.  But ultimately you and I are at choice as to whether we look outward or inward and whether we seek happiness or tune into our Joy-filled divine nature.

Joyful New You – opportunities

Workshops, VIP days and coaching packages with Rev. Steph will be made available within the next few days.  Look out for them in your email inbox. Or let me have your email address if you want to be on my list for updates. http://www.TimelessTransitions.net

I wish you a Joyful New You!

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter


83. The Launch of the Christ Consciousness


Rev. Steph

Last week I wrote about the launch of Muzi Cindi’s book “Jesus for a Digital Age.”

JFDA front Cover on Amazon 41R9FjdSzwL._AC_US218_

The timing of the launch was immaculate as we approached the traditional “Birth of the Light” at Christmas time, followed quickly by a sense of renewal – new hope, new energy and new life – with the beginning of 2019.

JFDA Muzi in front of banner 48412994_10217548548808285_97944070600523776_n

As I shared on stage about my experience of editing Muzi’s book, I spoke of the shift that had occurred within me as a result of being so deeply consumed by Muzi’s writing:  that old notion of a male sky-God who was watching me and looking out for my mistakes and thinking up suitable punishments to whack me with, started to dissipate more than ever before.

JFDA Steph on stage, in stole 48405895_10217579190134299_8854536364486557696_n

Even though I have been teaching metaphysics for many years, it was during the editing process that deep layers of mythology around the old sky-God concept were sloughed off and, what then moved effortlessly into the foreground of my awareness, was the Christ Consciousness.  Instead of continuing to entertain the false belief in a God outside of myself watching me, I  went deeper in my knowing that I AM the Christ witnessing Stephanie in all of her humanity.  The Christ of my being does not watch me with a desire to punish.  The Christ witnesses me through the single eye of pure love – too pure to behold iniquity  (“Thine eyes are too pure, they do not behold evil….” Habakuk 1:13)


The Eye of Horus (Son of the Light)  in Egyptian Mythology

A few days after I spoke my word on stage regarding being witnessed by the Christ of my being, the pictures of the launch were sent through from Empowaworx, the event management company.

JFDA Steph speaking on stage IMG-20181219-WA0011

As you can see in the above photo, my profile image was up on the screen behind me as I spoke.  But look at the angle! This is the miracle! The larger projection of Me is behind the physical me, witnessing me speak and all we can see in the image is the One All-seeing Eye of the Christ of my Being.

I realised, while editing Muzi’s manuscript, that stepping into the freedom of the Christ Consciousness can be scary because it means stepping into 100% responsibility for my life.  The two go together.  No more victim games, no more self-pity, no more blaming or shaming. It means being conscious about what I think, say and do, and using that Christ Power with wisdom and love for the upliftment of those around me.


In addition to taking the guests through a Forgiveness process, (see last week’s blog for the self-forgiveness statements), Muzi asked me to prepare some statements of intention to set the tone for 2019.  Below, you will find the prayer I wrote. You are welcome to use it and add your own affirmative statements.

Jfda launch, Muzi and Steph, intention setting IMG-20181219-WA0007

with Muzi – facilitating the Intention Setting process at the launch

The guests at the launch repeated the statements back to me out loud.  I encourage you to say them out loud or silently. But say them!  And make use of the opening statements which will assist you to connect with your Higher Self and give your intentions more power.


There is only One Power that governs the Universe.  I AM that Power in manifest human form.  I AM God in the flesh, the Christ Spirit revealed on earth as It already is in Heaven.

I speak my Word for 2019 and declare that

  • This is a year of spiritual transformation and I AM ready to expand
  • All my dreams are manifested
  • All my relationships are healed. I have forgiven and been forgiven
  • My body is strong, fit, healthy and flexible
  • My mind is filled with thoughts of peace
  • My heart is overflowing with love for myself and all others
  • My sexuality and my spirituality are reconciled as one
  • I am abundantly blessed with a surplus of money to give and to share
  • I serve with a joyful heart, for fun and for free
  • My soul purpose is clear to me and fulfillment is guaranteed
  • I do wonderful work which is aligned with my mission on earth
  • I am becoming more beautiful inside and out
  • Creative ideas flood my mind and these ideas become form effortlessly
  • I AM always in the perfect place at the perfect time engaged in the Divine Right Activity
  • I AM a beneficial presence
  • I shine my light – I AM the cause of radical upliftment
  • I dwell in gratitude and appreciation for all my seen and unseen blessings.

I give thanks for the Truth known.  I give thanks for the Divine Power that is being unleashed through me to bless the world.  I give thanks that all this and more is now possible through the Christ Spirit that strengthens me.

I release My Word into the Law and know that It is done. And so it is. Amen

JFDA Gerd Steph and Muzi, really the best 48420820_10217579176133949_3195250046664704000_n

with Rev. Gerd Pontow and Muzi Cindi after the launch

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter



82. Launching God’s Word into the Universe

Rev. Steph

On Saturday 15 December, 2018, Muzi Cindi launched his book, “Jesus for a Digital Age.”

JFDA front Cover on Amazon 41R9FjdSzwL._AC_US218_

For a start, it was a miracle that we had books at the book launch!  Many thanks to those of you who read my last blog and said a prayer for the timely arrival of the books.  Webster, the publisher, cleverly decided to order enough copies for the launch from a local printer rather than risk a late delivery from Cape Town.  On the Friday afternoon, before Saturday’s launch, he drove the 90 minutes to Eastern Pretoria only to be told that the books were not ready.  The next morning, he drove out there again, collected the books and drove straight to the launch – approx 2.5 hours drive – and got to the launch venue in Southern Johannesburg right before the official start. Phew!

JFDA Muzi and Jackson by welcome sign 48392051_10217557345268191_2063415744854491136_n

Muzi Cindi with his best friend and spiritual mentor, Bishop Jackson Khosa pre-launch

It really was a most uncommon book launch, starting with a meditation led by my colleague, Rev. Gerd Pontow, and followed by my evocation in prayer.

JFDA Gerd leading meditation 48416252_10217577920902569_7057932891526791168_n

Rev. Gerd Pontow leading the opening meditation

Gerd and I set a spiritual tone for the event, establishing an atmosphere of oneness and unity as well as an intention for transformation and awakening among everyone present, both as individuals and as a collective.

Muzi and his guest speakers acknowledged the power that the book contains to set people free from their antiquated beliefs about God – beliefs which have kept the majority of Christians, Jews and Muslims trapped for more than 2000 years.

JFDA Dr. M. Maphalala 48952536_10217577926262703_3571202617281347584_n (2)

Keynote speaker – Dr. M. Maphalala – Muzi’s spiritual father

JFDA Muzi and Dr. Maphalala 48373736_10217579189694288_8950040111978905600_n

For me, the power of this book lies in the fact that Muzi has courageously shared his personal experience of a life changing “Visitation,” which he had in 2017, and in which he was told “God does not exist.”  He backs this experience up with his scholarly exposure of the false biblical concepts related to God and to Jesus the Christ.  These are the old ideas which many of us have not dared to question for fear of being persecuted as a heretic in this life and / or going to hell in the next life.

JFDA Muzi speaking on stage 48387218_10217579192134349_4669841954379399168_n

Muzi gave a fascinating talk about his own spiritual development and how he was spurned for stepping away from the dogma of the herd: in his case, the ‘herd’ was the evangelical church in which he grew up and in which he became a pastor.  However, despite the pressure to conform to the traditional Christian doctrine from his family and his church community, and despite the accusations of madness and demon-possession, Muzi has trusted his heart and continued along “the road less travelled” to embody more and more of the Christed qualities of love, joy, abundance, generosity, detachment, humility and freedom.

JFDA Muzi 48393588_10217579191534334_3074557750500392960_n (2)

In order for the guests at the launch to have their own experience of the Christ Consciousness,  as described in the book, Muzi asked me to design a sacred ritual around the theme of Forgiveness. As a basis for the ritual, I wrote a prayer.  I have included it here for you to use if you choose.

FORGIVENESS PRAYER by Rev. Stephanie Clarke

There is One Power and Presence. It is Unconditional Love. I AM the Beloved Creation of the One, the Christ-child, one with the Divine Mother-Father. I AM also One with all other beings on earth. We are the holy family of humanity. As the Living Christ, I speak My Word of power and declare that:

  • I forgive myself for judging myself as less than divine or other than holy.
  • I forgive myself for judging myself as imperfect.
  • I forgive myself for living in the hell of my own fearful thinking.
  • I forgive my mind for thinking that I was right and others were wrong.
  • I forgive myself for believing my fears that were born of ignorance.
  • I forgive myself for my old addiction to a sky-God who damned me or others.
  • I forgive myself for judging others as sinful, demonic or heathen.
  • I forgive myself for thinking that I knew the correct path for anyone other than myself.
  • I forgive myself for all the hurts caused to others when I was in an unconscious state.
  • I forgive myself for all the hurts caused to myself when I was unconscious of my precious divine nature.
  • I forgive myself for believing that I have failed.
  • I forgive myself for believing that God or Life or other people were against me.
  • I forgive myself for using religion as a tool of mental, emotional and physical control, rather than a vehicle for expressing love, compassion and social justice.

I give thanks that I AM forgiven for all of my false judgements, false beliefs and all of my old painful, fearful and angry thoughts. I AM set free now, to live my life in accordance with Truth and Love. I release my Word into Universal Law and know that It is done unto me now and forever. And so it is.

JFDA Steph and Muzi facilitating Forgiveness process IMG-20181219-WA0004

with Muzi, facilitating the Forgiveness Ritual

More about the launch in the next blog post and our intention setting for 2019.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter
















81. Editing God’s Word

Rev. Steph

My friend and Soul Home member, Muzi Cindi, is getting ready to launch his book on Saturday 15 December.  The book is entitled Jesus for a Digital Age. It is a special, revised 2nd edition, dedicated to Nelson Mandela in 2018, his centenary year.

At the feet of Nelson Mandela, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2008

At the feet of the Nelson Mandela statue in Sandton Square, Johannesburg

I picked up a copy of Muzi’s 1st edition two years ago and found that I could not read it.  My English teacher genes reared up in horror at the typos,  the lack of punctuation and the general lack of structure and cohesiveness in the first few pages of the manuscript.  I thought to myself: “The only way I am going to be able to read this is if I proof it and edit it myself!”  So I began marking up the preface with my comments and corrections. When I got to the end of the preface, I gave up. It was just too much work.  I put it aside, not realizing, at that time, exactly what I had set into motion in the Universal Law.

JfaDA first front cover 51Mc+cRucDL

Jesus for a Digital Age – first edition published in 2014

Fast forward 18 months to the celebration of my 60th birthday, in June 2018, at which I launched my latest book: Sex Goddess: De-bonking the Mythology of God and Sex.

Sex Goddess front cover

(Note: Since my party, I changed the title slightly, revised the contents slightly and had the cover redesigned. Now the book looks like this:

Mockup, SG final cover

The book is available here: https://www.amazon.com/SEX-GODDESS-Debunking-Mythology-God-ebook/dp/B07G8WQ2HB

At my party, I publicly announced that my dream was to meet Oprah and put a copy of my book into her hands.

Oprah by Marc Accetta on Flickr 25700562523_19e362b2cc_m

Oprah (photo by Marc Accetta on Flickr)

Both Muzi and my S. African publisher, Webster Tsenase, spoke at my party.

Muzi at my 60th IMG-20180616-WA0020

Webster at my 60th IMG-20180616-WA0032I had been wanting to get these two men together for a while.  I had a feeling that Webster should republish Muzi’s book.  And, indeed, at my party, the three of us had a conversation about exactly that topic.  Muzi explained that the first time he had published Jesus for a Digital Age, it was put together in a great hurry in order to launch it at his first Divine Feminine conference in 2014.  He asked me to edit it for him so that he could relaunch it at the next Divine Feminine conference in August 2019.  I agreed, knowing that we were a good 14 months away from the next conference and so there was no urgency.  Or so I thought.  But then everything changed….

On 15 November 2018, I landed back in S. Africa after two months away, working in Europe and speaking in Toronto at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

PWR, Muzi and Steph IMG_20181104_124852

With Muzi at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, Canada

The very next night after my return, I read a message from Muzi that he was negotiating to have Oprah come and speak to the Senior Pastors at a celebration dinner in Johannesburg on 30 November. What??? Only two weeks away!! The following morning, Saturday 17 November, I heard that the event was confirmed for 30 November and I would be helping to plan it. There would also be a workshop in the afternoon on the Divine Feminine with Rev. Michael Beckwith from Agape and Oprah, and yes, yours truly, Rev. Steph, along with other S. African thought leaders.

In honour of this momentous occasion, Muzi wanted his book to be available on Amazon on 30 November.  He asked me to edit it on Sunday 18 November. I had five days, until Thursday 22 November. Webster would need the following week to typeset the manuscript, design the cover and upload the book to Amazon.  Innocently, I said “yes” to Muzi having no clue about the kind of workload a project like this would involve.  I was clearly an editing virgin. 😦

Miraculously, I had a “chance” conversation with my former Practitioner student, Penelope Gottlieb, during the evening of Sunday 18 November. She told me that she had taken a major career turn and was going to start a business from home as an online editor. At the time, I was still too zapped by exhaustion and jet-lag after my trip to understand that the Universe was sending help my way. The following morning, Monday 19 November, as I began working on the manuscript, it clicked: Penny could help!  And so she came on board to edit the 12 x Appendices.

BL with Penny IMG-20180616-WA0025

With Penny at my 60th birthday

As I was finishing my first edit of the first 100 pages of the book, with still another 100 pages to edit in Section 2, plus the Appendices to check, Muzi called to say that Oprah had had to postpone the event on 30 November for security reasons.  This was very disappointing after all the anticipation. But Muzi was a man on a mission and still wanted the book to be published during Mandela’s centenary year i.e. before 31 December 2018.  Again I was lulled into a false sense of security.  We had over a month to finish editing and typesetting and get it uploaded to Amazon.  No problem.  Or so I thought….. But a day later, Muzi changed his mind: he wanted to launch the book in Johannesburg on 15 December!! This meant finishing the editing by 2 December so that the book could be typeset and printed and delivered by 14 December. So five weeks had suddenly been reduced to two weeks!

As the Goddess would have it, my friend Nancy Koenig from New York, who was a part of the Agape group at the S. African Birthing Our Divine Feminine Conference 2017, (where I gave my debut speech on God and Sex) happened to see a post of mine on Facebook about my editing project and offered to help.

BODF Nancy and Steph 20170811_211408

With Nancy at ‘Birthing our Divine Feminine 2017’ in Johannesburg

(Nancy confessed to me that she had also tried to read Muzi’s book, and had even considered offering to edit it for him, but had held back in case she offended him. You can see how she set the Law of Attraction into motion too!) So then I had two editing partners. They were both a Goddess-send and brought two extra pairs of eyes and their own editing skill-sets to the project.  I could never have managed it without them.

On Sunday 2 December, we were nowhere close to ready to submit the manuscript for typesetting.  I asked for 2 days extension.  Webster flexed: we had till Tuesday night, 4 December.  Still not ready though. We worked through Wednesday 5 December.  There was only one day left because the printers had to have the print-ready files by Friday 7 December.

On Thursday, 6 December, I began sending Webster the manuscript piecemeal as each section got completed. I imagined that by 3 pm on Thursday afternoon I would have sent off the entire  manuscript to Webster.  Wrong!!  I finished sending it at 3 am in the early hours of Friday morning.  Webster worked through the night and sent us the manuscript for checking on Friday morning at about 8 am.  We found loads of little typos but there was simply not enough time to correct them all.  I worked through the morning and sent my last set of corrections to Webster in the early afternoon.  He liaised with the printers and they said it was too late to start printing on Friday afternoon. They would rather wait till Monday morning but they could still get it done and delivered by Friday 14 December.

So, big surprise, we now had the whole weekend to check the document.  The extra time was Goddess-sent.  On Monday morning, 10 December, right before we were supposed to send it to the printers,  we were still finessing the blurb on the back cover and finding tiny typos. Webster had contacted the printers and was waiting for them to send him a job code which would initiate the print job.  Webster called them in the mid-afternoon,  concerned that he had still not received the job code. The printers chose to inform him then that they were not going to print Muzi’s books!  They did not have enough printers, they said. What??  How could they back down at the last minute?  Well, they could and they did.

Webster, fortunately, had a back-up plan which meant assigning the job to a printing company in Cape Town.  The seeming drawback is that Cape Town is ca. 1500 kilometres (ca. 900 miles) away from Johannesburg whereas the originally appointed printing company is located in nearby Pretoria. So, we are dependent on the couriers driving overnight tonight, on Thursday 13 December, to get the books to Webster by Friday 14 December.  That is tomorrow.

If you read this any time on Thursday 13 December or Friday 14 December, please say a prayer for smooth and efficient delivery of the books in time and on time.

I just heard today that Jesus for a Digital Age has been successful uploaded to Amazon and is available in paperback or on Kindle. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0639985718

Muzi, book cover of JFDA IMG-20181212-WA0001

I am holding the space for a successful book launch on Saturday 15 December 2018. Muzi has asked me to be a keynote speaker. Wahoo!!  So honoured. I will tell you about it in the next blog post.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” -Johann Richter





80. The Healing Power of the Present & Celebrating Octogenarians

Rev. Steph

When I was 29, I discovered aerobics at my local gym in Johannesburg.  I loved it so much that I went to the gym every day except Sunday and even considered training to be an aerobics teacher.  Spirit had another plan and I was called to the ministry instead.  Thirty years later, I started attending a Saturday morning aqua-aerobics class at the Retirement Village where my mum lives.  Wow!!  The endorphin high was even bigger than the regular aerobics classes on dry land all those years ago!

Aqua at Inyoni, plucking up courage 20180321_100037

Aqua students having a chat and gathering up the courage to get into the water

Inyoni Aqua class IMG_20181124_100837 (1)

Aqua students moving past resistance and taking the plunge – slowly and carefully

The aqua teacher is only available on Saturday mornings and some of the octogenarian students were clamoring for another class mid-week.  They asked me if I would be willing to teach a class on Wednesday mornings.  Happily, I agreed, realizing that my old ambition to teach aerobics was fulfilling itself.  But that is not the best bit.

Aqua balancing exercises IMG-20180203-WA0001

The best bit happened at one of my early classes when only two students showed up: a German woman and a Jewish man. I stood in the pool and watched them as they carefully walked down the steps into the water, side by side, both hanging on to the hand-rail to steady themselves. Both of them in their mid 80’s.

“Wow!” I thought.  “Both of these people would have been children during World War II. They are old enough to remember the Holocaust!

Then it suddenly occurred to me that I am a Brit! My grandparents fought the Germans during the war.  What a tryad!  A Jew, a German and a Brit.  But none of that mattered.  What mattered was that moment.  The past did not exist. The identity of race and religion was irrelevant. In the presence of the water and the sunshine and the fresh air, what mattered was splashing about in the pool and having fun. Race memory disappeared. Ancient wounds dissolved into nothingness.   The three of us were playing together like children.

Aqua - Steph teaching 20180314_100356

It was clear to see that in the present moment, where children live, there are no memories and, therefore, there are no wounds.  There is nothing to be healed ever, nothing to be forgiven, only more life (and more fun) to be revealed.

Appreciating the miracle of global communication via technology.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

“The Miracles of Earth are the Laws of Heaven” – Johann Richter